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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Youtube To Mp3 Downloader apk Android

Youtube To Mp3 Downloader apk is Best App to Download Youtube Videos in Mp3 Audio. Youtube is Every one Favorite. Youtube not Allow to Download Videos or Audio. But User want to Watch Videos And Audio Offline. So here i will Share a Awesome And Usable App For Youtube to Download Audio of Videos.

  1. How To Play YouTube Videos In Background
  2. OG Youtube Apk Free Download
  3. Tubemate Apk Free Download | Youtube Video Downloader Apk
  4. Youtube Red Apk Latest Free Download

Youtube To Mp3 Downloader
Youtube To Mp3 Downloader

if you are on Pc You Can Download Tubemate For Pc And easily Download Videos Audios From Youtube And on Android Have a Multiple Ways to Download videos.

Youtube To Mp3 Downloader Apk Free Download

How To Word Youtube to mp3 Downloader Apk
  • Copy your YouTube video link from the YouTube app or a browser 
  • Open YouTubeMP3 Downloader apk
  • Click Download


Friday, 4 August 2017

OG Youtube Apk Free Download

OG Youtube Apk is One of the Most Usefull Free Download App on Android. There are more than 1 billion unique users that visit YouTube every month, so it's no wonder that billions of hours of video get watched daily, making YouTube the Internet's largest video hosting website. But what really makes YouTube unique is that many of the same people that are consuming this insane amount of content are the same people creating it. In fact, more than 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. 
OG Youtube
OG Youtube
To put that into context, the amount of video uploaded to the website every month is more than the three major U.S. television networks have created in the last 60 years. While YouTube was created and is hosted in the U.S., more than 80% of traffic that comes to the website is from outside of the U.S., meaning that all of those views allow people like me to make a living off of what they love, which is making videos. I know. Number two is origins. YouTube was founded in February of 2005 by three early PayPal employees: Steven Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. 

Hurley joined the other founders after he read an article about the startup in Wired magazine. He emailed them about a job, after which he was brought on to design the logo for the company, which is still used today. Interestingly, the initial seed money for YouTube came from when eBay bought PayPal and provided bonuses to the three guys. When it started to become popular, the choice of the name

OG Youtube Apk

OG Youtube Apk is a Redeveloped Youtube App. Youtube is a Second most populer Search Engine. Every one Want to Watch Movies Tv Dramas Any Show or Any type Of Video Searching onYoutube.
Youtube App is not Allow to Play Videos on Background, No Download Video button in Youtube Officail App. 

About OG Youtube Apk:
  • You can play videos, log into your account, view different categories and search YouTube.
  • When you play a video, it will open in a small pop up window for your convenience.
  • It is possible to select playback quality from 140p to 1440p (depending on availability).
  • The main feature is of course the download feature.
  • OG Downloader lets you download videos in any quality with up to 60 FPS.
  • It is even possible to download just the audio in mp3 format.
  • The video files can be renamed prior to download.
  • Multiple downloads at the same time is possible too.
  • Downloaded files are generally saved in a folder called "OG Downloader".


How To Play YouTube Videos In Background

Simple Method To Play YouTube Videos In Background. YouTube as a video sharing platform is simply amazing it's a world of its own and people like you and me love being a part of it but like any word it is imperfect like how the audio abruptly shuts off when you leave the app or lock your phone yep not so perfect but what if I told you there's an app that lets you play youtube videos in the background and much more.

How To Play YouTube Videos In Background
How To Play YouTube Videos In Background
This is the og YouTube application but you will not find this application on the Play Store for all these reasons such as Google owns both Play Store and a youtube so if some entity does not adhere to one policy you will obviously not find it on the other but side loading or installing an Apk is not at all difficult.

Download the Apk files and install them on your device and that's it you're 90% done from here all you need to know is how to use the application and it's exactly what I'm going to show you so this is what the app looks like technically it's the same as the official YouTube Application as you can see you have the home trending & SIMON tab

How To Play YouTube Videos In Background

  • Search for a song 
  • Listen to once you're at the video page 
  • You'll have two options download and background 
  • Click the background option 
  • Audio will begin to Play in the Background 
Play YouTube Videos In Background
Play YouTube Videos In Background
You go about your business on your smartphone you can even lock your phone and the order will still continue to play and the best part you can play for skip cards from the lockscreen itself pretty cool and very misty if you'll ask me the download option is kind of tricky you can download a video only if it support save - or also known as offline option if it doesn't then you have to look elsewhere to download the video but the point is you can now Play Youtube Videos in The Background on again so that's about it

Friday, 14 July 2017

Youtube Red Apk Latest Free Download

Youtube Red APK is Youtube New Feature. Youtube Red Allow To Watch Videos Without Ads And Use the new YouTube Music app with background play and offline access. Save videos on your mobile device for your next trip out of town. Play videos in the background. And watch without ads.

Youtube Red Apk Android

Youtube Red Allow To Watch Videos Without Ads And Use the new YouTube Music app with background play and offline access.

What is Youtube Red 

Some people and creators are really worried and some are really freaking out about this news. Well, it's true ... kind of. Let me explain. YouTube just announced a new paid service called Youtube Red Apk, and today I'm going to give you the low-down of everything that you need to know about YouTube Red. And at the end of the video, I'm going to explain the real reason why YouTube is really doing this. And it's not really YouTube just announced that they're going to be offering an ad-free YouTube experience where you can actually watch your favorite videos without being interrupted by ads. YouTube is calling this new paid service YouTube Red. And they are claiming it to be the ultimate YouTube experience. So with YouTube Red you're going to be able to get ad-free videos and watch your videos and music without any interruptions of ads, but the cool thing about it is you're actually able to save videos and songs to your mobile device and watch them offline. 

It's only $9.99 a month ... or $12.99. It all depends where you actually buy it. If you buy it from YouTube itself on October 28th, you'll get it for $9.99 a month. If you buy it through the app store through Apple, it's going to be $12.99. Dont Worry Download Youtube Red Apk From Here And Just use Free Youtube Red. If you're interested in this, do it on YouTube; save the money. The question that most people have is How does it affect the partners with YouTube and the creators. You might have noticed the YouTube partner program terms have been changed, and they want you to update them. If you want to get paid by YouTube you have to make sure that you accept the new terms. To see the new terms, you can go to the creator's studio, click on your channel, then monetization, and there you are going to see guidelines and information, and under that you are going to see the agreement with YouTube. Click that, and you're going to see the legal jargon.

What’s New?
  • Supports various types of videos (3GP, FLV, MP4 and so on)
  • Supports various types of audio (MP3, AAC)
  • Supports editing meta information (title, album, artist)
  • Supports application based integration. (Contact us)
  • It supports only ARMv7 and higher.
  • Is uses ffmpeg and mp3lame library.
So, a  lot of legal jargon, it's just this simple: YouTube creators/partners are going to be paid by monthly view and watch time, and it's going to be rated against other creators, and then YouTube is going to figure it out. They're going to calculate it and give you a cut. I don't know what this means. Do you? I'm confused already. After October 28th, if you want to be paid by YouTube on any of your videos, the ads, or subscriptions, you have to accept these terms. And if you're with an MCN, your MCN probably already opted you into this. I think all MCNs have at this time. The next is Is there going to be exclusive content only for Red subscribers? To answer this, Felix Kjellberg is going to actually start a new series exclusively for Youtube Red Apk subscribers. Some of you are like OK, that's nice, I don't know Felix.

Youtube Red Apk Free Download
Youtube Red Apk Free Download

Well, he's known as Pewdiepie, the most subscribed creator on YouTube. And this is going to be an original series created by The Walking Dead guys and also Maker Studios and Pewdiepie. The reality is this has gotten a ton of complaints, and a lot of his Super Fans are really upset. Red-only content is created in partnership with YouTube with some of the most successful YouTube stars, so like 99% of the content is going to be open for everyone. It's going to be on the Red; it's going to be over on also regular YouTube. #3: Is ad-free blockers going to work? Some people use ad-free blockers in their browser to block out those ads, and I was actually talking to a YouTube engineer a few months ago, and let me just put it this way: you might want to look at other options soon. For the real reason why I feel like YouTube is getting into the paid subscription game. It's all because of one thing: music. 

  • Ad-Free Video
  • Save Videos for Offline Viewing
  • Background Play
  • Audio Mode only in YouTube Music
  • Google Play Music Subscription at no additional cost
You heard me right, music. The #1 most subscribed channel on YouTube is music with over 91 million subscribers and counting. And 40 of the top 100 are music channels. This is YouTube's attack targeting Spotify, Pandora, and even Apple music. With the Youtube Red Apk subscription you actually get a new service called YouTube Music App, which is launching today. This app seems to be the evolution of the YouTube Music Key, and it was one of the first paid products that YouTube offered, and it launched last year. With this YouTube Red subscription you get ad-free music like Spotify, and also your favorite YouTube videos. It's designed to really sit back and be easy, hit the play button, have background music like Spotify, or have a personalized journey where YouTube's curating content, kind of like Pandora. This is a really powerful thing, and the great thing about it is you can do it with videos or music and you can do it offline. That means you can download it, listen to it offline, and hear your best music, hear the great videos.
Here Download Free Youtube Red Apk And Install it.


Monday, 3 April 2017

Tubemate Apk Free Download | Youtube Video Downloader Apk

Tubemate Apk Download For Download Youtube video With Just one click. Youtube have an Offline Video Button, But User wants to save Video in Memory.

Tubemate Apk Free Download

  • Fast download mode(with multiple connections for a download)
  • Multiple download resolution options
  • Background, multi-download
  • Resume downloading
  • Convert to MP3 (powered by MP3 Media Converter)
  • Playlist as video/audio(powered by Meridian Player)
  • Share your video finds via Google Buzz, Twitter or e-mail at the tap of a button
  • YouTube search and related videos suggestions
  • Save favorite videos to your YouTube account, create playlists
Tubemate Apk Free Download
Tubemate Apk Free Download
The downloaded videos will be stored on your SD card by default, but you can move them around from one location to another, however, suits you best. TubeMate YouTube Downloader is a very easy-to-use video downloader whose main high point is exactly that--you can have to get your hands on any video in seconds.