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Friday, 15 September 2017

How to Root LG Optimus Slider Step By Step [Working Method]

Interesting news for Lg optimus slider users here we brings easy steps to Guide to Root LG Optimus Slider .After rooting some new features will come in your LG Optimus Slider like :- New games , Good connectivity in wifi , Bluetooth works great . Lets follow our below steps to root LG Optimus Slider.

  • This is to inform all the readers of this post that Nor the developer nor the website owner nor the person who has posted this article will not be responsible if your device or mobile get bricked during this installation update we do not bear any responsibility but we will try our level best to rectify your error.

How to Root LG Optimus Slider

Root LG Optimus Slider


Pre-requisite to Root LG Optimus Slider.
  • These steps that we are giving are only for LG Optimus Slider you cannot use these steps on any other device, if you will use then your device or mobile will get bricked.
  • The first thing you have to make sure is that your phone has to be charged at least 80 to 85% before you are doing this update or installation otherwise your phone will switch off in between the installation or this update and this can cause a serious harm to yourdevice or mobile
  • The second thing you have to make sure is to take a backup of all files, music, videos, photos, apps, call log, messages etc. in short take up the back up of whole Micro SD card.
  • The third thing you have to make sure is to make a tick on enable USB Debugging on your Device or Mobile. If you don’t know how to Enable the USB Debugging follow these simple steps- Settings >> Applications >> Development >> USB debugging by following these steps your USB debugging would get enable.
  • The fourth thing you have to make sure is to disable all the antivirus and kies because they willclutter in this installation or update.
  • The fifth thing you have to make sure is all required drivers has to installed on your computeror laptop.
  • By doing these five requirements correctly you can go-ahead for the steps to install or update your device.
LG Optimus Slider

Steps To Root LG Optimus Slider

  • Download LG esteem file from here directly to your computer from here .
  • Extract all files and transfer all downloaded files to your device by using USB cable .
  • Disconnect your device when above process done.
  • Now enter to the recovery mode .
  • After doing above process select “install zip from sd card” > “choose zip from sd card” wait for4-7 minutes .
  • When above process done you will see the button ++++Go Back++++ select it and then reboot your phone.
  • Done.

Friday, 8 September 2017

How To Change Font Display On Android Phone

There are several ways to Change Font Display On Android . If you are interested please check out the following reviews. Android mobile phone operating system has advantages when compared to other phones because it is easy in oprek. No wonder the sales of Android phones in recent years continue to increase significantly. One of the perks of Android phones is that it can change the look of the font as we see Awesome.

How To Change Font On Android Phone

For Android phone users Samsung Galaxy Series Change The font on your phone is very easy, and do not bother. Just follow these short steps:

For Android Unroot (Samsung Galaxy Series device only):
  • Download and install Fontomizer app in Google play. 
  • Open Fontomizer app. 
  • Choose the appropriate font you want to use. 
  • The last step that you do is restart your phone. 
  • Done.

If you are not a user of Samsung Galaxy Series, you do not need to be discouraged, because all mobile phone Android operating system can change the shape of the font as desired. Here are the steps
  • Make sure your device has got Super User access. Regarding how Root can be found in google. 
  • Download and install the Font installer font application in Google play. 
  • Open the Font installer app and then allow the app to access your phone system. 
  • Open, and run the installer font application. 
  • Select the font on the server tab, install and restart. 
  • Done.

If you are satisfied with the fonts provided by the installer font application you can add new fonts in the following way:

  • Download fonts with ttf format. which you want to use on your phone. 
  • Open the application Font installer => Select tab local => Select the font that you downloaded earlier => Install and restart your phone. 
  • Done.

Friday, 4 August 2017

How To Play YouTube Videos In Background

Simple Method To Play YouTube Videos In Background. YouTube as a video sharing platform is simply amazing it's a world of its own and people like you and me love being a part of it but like any word it is imperfect like how the audio abruptly shuts off when you leave the app or lock your phone yep not so perfect but what if I told you there's an app that lets you play youtube videos in the background and much more.

How To Play YouTube Videos In Background
How To Play YouTube Videos In Background
This is the og YouTube application but you will not find this application on the Play Store for all these reasons such as Google owns both Play Store and a youtube so if some entity does not adhere to one policy you will obviously not find it on the other but side loading or installing an Apk is not at all difficult.

Download the Apk files and install them on your device and that's it you're 90% done from here all you need to know is how to use the application and it's exactly what I'm going to show you so this is what the app looks like technically it's the same as the official YouTube Application as you can see you have the home trending & SIMON tab

How To Play YouTube Videos In Background

  • Search for a song 
  • Listen to once you're at the video page 
  • You'll have two options download and background 
  • Click the background option 
  • Audio will begin to Play in the Background 
Play YouTube Videos In Background
Play YouTube Videos In Background
You go about your business on your smartphone you can even lock your phone and the order will still continue to play and the best part you can play for skip cards from the lockscreen itself pretty cool and very misty if you'll ask me the download option is kind of tricky you can download a video only if it support save - or also known as offline option if it doesn't then you have to look elsewhere to download the video but the point is you can now Play Youtube Videos in The Background on again so that's about it

Monday, 17 July 2017

How to Add Music To Snapchat Android And IOS

If you're not using How to Add Music To Snapchat Android And IOS yet you're missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your audience and to build your brand. So first, I'm going to give you a quick tutorial on how to use Snapchat and then I'm going to Tell you How to Add Music To Your Snapchats.

How to Add Music To Snapchat Android

Open up Snapchat and go to the little ghost up here, it'll show you who's added you recently, your score, your username, how to find friends with search and also how you can find your contacts. If you click on the arrow on the bottom that'll bring you back to the camera, so we'll do a really boring snap of my couch, there we go and if you swipe once to the right, you'll find your location filters. So no matter where you are, it'll pick up on your location and it'll pull up these filters that show the city that you're in. so these are the ones that I'm getting. There's also other filters like time, temperature and lots of other things as well as colour filters too, just like Instagram

Add Music To Snapchat
Add Music To Snapchat
So, if you go back to just the plain screen, let's say you want to add text to your photo, you can go to the text button up here, say you want to say "hi" and then you can add a little emoji here. And then if you hit the text again, it'll post just like this, if you hit the text button again it'll make it bigger and it'll enlarge the emoji as well. And you can change the colour of your font really easily on the side.I'm gonna teach you guys how to upload music and send it to your friends and I'm not talking about when you're in your car blasting music, and you're just taking snap videos or if you're listening to something on TV or on your laptop or your stereo speakers I'm talking about something high-quality music to your friends where they can actually hear.

How to Add Music To Snapchat

what you're playing and not just loud noises static or just something that's very unclear it only takes two easy steps you just need to have music on your phone and snapchat so let's get on the phone and let me teach you how to do this in order How to Add music to snapchat.

What You Need to Do:
  • Access the music that's already on your phone so let's go do that 
  • Pick a song start playing it 
  • Then go straight to snapchat
  • Start recording the video 
  • Now You Can Successfully Add Music To Snapchat
How to Add Music To Snapchat
How to Add Music To Snapchat
So it starts recording the music. I'm just gonna let this play and not say much at all so once you've recorded that all you need to do is go back to your music and pause it and all you need to do is go back to Snapchat and here's the final product I'm just like this playing not saying much, so that's the best way to send high-quality music to your friends.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

How to Block Numbers And Texts on Android Any Phone

How to Block Numbers And Texts on Android Phone can be done in a Number of ways with most newer devices including the Samsung Galaxy s5 it's as easy as changing a few menu settings here we'll show you that method and two others that work on all Android phones on most new devices.

How to Block Calls on an Android Smartphone

First go to the dial screen then Tap the Three Dots on up here select settings then click call on this list click he top option call rejection Auto reject mode is where you activate your list of rejected numbers tap Auto reject list to Manage the call rejection list and the last option allows you to automatically give callers a short message when you reject their calls such as I'm driving we use that one a lot

Block Numbers And Texts
Block Numbers And Texts

You can also Block Numbers And Texts from the settings menu click on it And scroll down to blocking mode under personalization click blocking mode and then activate it with this slider by default activating blocking mode will Block Numbers And Texts that come in as well as turn off notifications alarms and timers
So you may want to uncheck those as needed or set up times you don't want to be disturbed scroll down a little more and you'll see an allowed contacts options list you can Block Numbers And Texts or allow everyone no one or specific people with This control panel to block a recent caller go to your dial pad and click on logs or recent find their number and then click on the three dots here then select add to reject list that person is now blocked that method will block calls

Block Numbers And Texts on Android Phone
Block Numbers And Texts on Android Phone

From only that number so you can turn off the blocking mode on the phone and just keep adding unwanted callers to that list another way to Block calls is with Google Voice using your PC pull up a contact in Google Voice that you want To block click on this tap here and then click block caller then click to confirm you can always unblock them later the third way to block calls is with an app there are many free apps to choose from but our favorite is mr. Number 

You Block Numbers And Texts it can also block out entire area codes plus mr. Number compiles a database of rejected numbers this lets users of the app avoid telemarketers and problem callers Willing to pony up seven bucks give extreme Call Blocker a try it works on both lollipop and kitkat versions of android includes parental controls text blocking and even prevents callers from leaving a voicemail it can also block The phone from making outgoing calls we have some other app options as well so hit the link below for more information

How to Block Texts And Numbers 

Here i will Show you How you Can Easily Block Text Sms From a Specific Number. 
  • First You Need To Go Your inbox 

How to Block Numbers And Texts
How to Block Numbers And Texts
  • Now Click on Spam Manager
  • Here you Can See A Setting Every phone have a Different look You just need To put A Number on Spam List. 
  • When you Successfully Add Your Number You Have No notification From This number Massages if You Want to Read Sms From this Number You Are need to Go Spam Box 
  • in Spam Box You can Read You All Sms 
  • if You Want to unlock Go to Spam Number List And Just Remove Number